Pampa High School Student Ambassadors Discuss Cell Phone Policy, February 13, 2024


Today, Superintendent, Mr. Piatt, came to speak to the Pampa High School Student Ambassadors.

The Student Ambassador program was established as a way to get students’ input on school-related policies.

That is exactly what the ambassadors did today.

I am currently a student ambassador, so I was fortunate to watch this discussion firsthand.

Mr. Piatt started by reminding each ambassador of our influence on our school.

He told students to remember, “You are the change.”

With that, Mr. Piatt got right to it discussing important policies such as the new phone policy and our school’s dress code policy.

The ambassadors collaborated and brought to light the pros and cons of each policy.

We heard from students claiming the new phone policy increases their productivity, while others claimed they find it more difficult to communicate when they don’t have access to a cell phone.

Mr. Piatt listened attentively, taking note of each claim made.

He gave each group a chance to speak, followed by his perspective on each viewpoint.

Our principal, Mr. Jones, listened in as each group both praised and challenged each policy.

The ambassadors shared many thought-provoking alternatives to the current phone policy.

One specific ambassador spoke on her idea of a “Three Strike Rule” where the punishment for cell phones gradually gets more intense based on the frequency of violations.

We followed up our discussion with a debate on the dress code.

Mr. Piatt allowed each group to voice their opinion.

He also prepared us for the possibility of bringing our ideas to the school board.

The meeting was wrapped up by each ambassador writing down their opinion on improvements that can be made to our school and submitting them to Mr. Piatt.

The ambassadors made a lot of progress today, and we hope to continue being the bridge between the student body and the administrators.