Prepare for Kicking Bear


Kicking Bear is back and better than ever. The free one-day outdoor event will be held on June 17th at 4F Outfitters, 24 miles north of Pampa on Highway 70.

Becca and Cal Ferguson, the owners of 4F Outfitters, have been hosting Pampa’s Kicking Bear for 15 years. Originally started by Ray Howell, Kicking Bear has spread across the United States as an outdoor event for the whole family. Howell, a well-known bow hunter, started this nationwide youth outreach ministry in 1999 as an opportunity for children to experience the outdoors and archery.

After attending a prayer breakfast in Florida where Howell was the guest speaker, the Fergusons decided that Kicking Bear would be a wonderful opportunity to share the love of the outdoors with the Pampa community.

“My husband and I have always loved the outdoors. We always knew we wanted to work with kids,” Ferguson said. “We met Ray Howell when he spoke at a prayer breakfast. He told his story and talked about how a social worker, Tom Poukey, became his role model. Tom showed Ray how to hunt and fish. Kicking Bear is Ray’s way to introduce the outdoors to children.”

The main focus of the event is to teach children how to do archery, though other outdoor events that are available throughout the day.

“We have 30 archery spaces that the kids can enjoy,” Ferguson said. “The leaders will go around with the kids and teach them how to shoot archery safely and correctly.”

In addition to learning archery, children can participate in mudder courses, fishing, GaGa pits, tug-o-war, and shooting sports.

“Kicking Bear is an opportunity for kids to have fun outside,” Ferguson said. “Our main goal is safety; we’ve got lots of people who want to teach kids all the exciting fun in the outdoors.”

As this is a free event, Kicking Bear will be providing lunch, dinner, and drinks for all those who participate. It is highly recommended that participants bring their snacks, lawn chairs, and fishing poles.

Ferguson spoke about the support they have received from the community.

“The community is amazing. The main 4 Points Kicking Bear Camp helped us get started, but the Pampa businesses and community have been the main ones who supported us throughout the years,” Ferguson said.

This yearly event sees around 200 to 300 kids. With around 100 adult volunteers, this camp is a full day of nonstop fun.

Kicking Bear starts at 7:00 am and ends around 5:00 pm. Throughout the day, there will be raffle prizes given out with the top prize being a compound bow set.

Ferguson expressed that the outdoor event is a family-friendly event for all ages.

“It’s mainly for the kids, but we also encourage parents to come out and spend time here too,” Ferguson said. “This camp is for everybody.”

Ferguson thanked everyone who has supported Kicking Bear.

“Our families have been our biggest support. Every single family member that we have has backed us completely,” Ferguson said. “As well, I want to thank God, Ray Howell, our community, and our church. The community has been amazing.”

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For more information, contact Becca Ferguson at (806) 669-5306 or via email at