Say it with Flowers


Gray County 4-H will have its annual Geranium Fundraiser on May 4th and 5th, just in time for Mother’s Day! Joan Gray-Soria, the Gray County Extension Agent, explained the history of the geranium sale.

“It’s an annual fundraising event that 4-H has been doing since atleast 1998,” Gray-Soria said. “The money we raise during this fundraiser will be used to pay project expenses for the youth, competition fees, and buying the awards for the youths.”

Brenda Green, the Secretary and Support Staff for Gray County 4-H gave insight into the amount of flowers ordered for this year’s geranium sale.

“Last year, we ordered 30 flats in which each flat has 15 four-inch flower pots and 160 ten-inch hanging baskets,” Green said. “This year, we ordered 50 flats and 150 hanging baskets. The flats were incredibly popular last year so we ordered more for this year.”

The Geranium Fundraiser will be located in the parking lot of United Supermarket on 1420 N. Hobart St. From 4:30 to 7:00 pm, Gray County 4-H will be selling four-inch geranium pots for $5 each and ten-inch hanging baskets for $25 each. Cash or checks made out to Gray 4-H will be accepted, not credit cards or debit cards.

The geranium pots will come in red, pink, violet, coral, or white. The geranium hanging baskets have red, pink, lavender, coral, and white.

Gray-Soria expressed her excitement for the fundraising event.

“We always look forward to seeing return customers and gaining new customers as well,” Gray -Soria said.

For more information about Gray County 4-H, call (806) 669-8033 or visit the office at 12125 E. Frederic Ave.