Showstopper Results


The students from Madeline Graves Performing Arts Center recently competed in Showstopper.

Beginning in 1978, Showstopper is a national dance competition in which dance students from all over the nation participate. Students as young as four years old can compete in this prestigious contest.

Madeline Graves, the owner of the Madeline Graves Performing Arts Center, gave more insight into what Showstopper does.

“Each student is judged by a group of judges that come from all over the country,” Graves said. “When performing their routine, the girls are judged on their technique, their performance, and their costume.”

The performances are judged on a scale from one to 100. Depending on the category the students compete in, there is a chance to win a silver, gold, platinum, double platinum, or a crystal trophy. In addition to the awards, the judges give a recorded verbal critique per performance.

“We listen to the critiques,” Grave said. “Anything the judges tell us, we can learn from.”

Of the students competing from Madeline Graves Performing Arts Center, for many, Showstopper was their very first competition.

“Some of the older girls have previously competed, but for the younger ones, this is their first competition,” Graves said.

Two of Graves’ students, Ximena and Camila, earned a combined total of three platinum awards.

Graves expressed her sincerest appreciation for her students and their performances.

“I’m really proud of my girls. They deserved everything they won,” Graves said. “Our little ones are now hooked, they’re ready for the next competition.”

The next competition the Madeline Graves Performing Arts Center will be attending is the Celebration Talent Competition in Amarillo at the end of March.

For more information about the Madeline Graves Performing Arts Center, call the studio at (806) 665-8641.