So Long and Thanks for all the Support: Doug Boyd Motors to Close After 63 Years


A beloved local business in Pampa is closing down this holiday season. After 63 years of serving the community, Doug Boyd Motors will close their doors for the final time on the 23rd. Greg Boyd, owner of Doug Boyd Motors, said the decision has been in the making for quite some time. Boyd, who has been in the car industry for 29 years and took over the business from his father, spoke about his decision to retire and close the company.

“I played it ear by ear. I just didn’t want to stay too long,” Boyd said. “Anyone who has owned a small business knows that the business owns you. I’ve put a lot of thought and prayer into this decision.”

Even though Doug Boyd Motors is closing, customers do not need to fret. Jeff Stevens, owner of Xtra Auto Center, has bought Boyd’s Accounts Receivable, which means that all of Doug Boyd Motors current customers will now be handled by Xtra Auto Center.

“I made the deal with Jeff around four months ago,” Boyd said. “My customers will have a place to go and it keeps it local.”

Boyd notes that he is looking forward to retirement.

“I’m excited. I get to go home for Christmas and not come back,” Boyd chuckled.

In his retirement, Boyd plans to spend his time traveling. He wants to visit family in Houston, relax in his lake house in Lake Brownwood, and spend his days fishing.

Though he is looking forward to his well-deserved retirement, Boyd reflects upon the things he will miss now that he is no longer running a company.

“I’m going to miss my employees and customers,” Boyd said. “They’re the best you could ever ask for.”

With his final working days coming to a close, Boyd expressed his gratitude to all those who made Doug Boyd Motors a huge success.

“I’d like to thank my father. Without him, none of this would be possible,” Boyd said. “I’m so appreciative for my wife, Sandi, for putting up with me for 40 years. I’d also like to thank Jeff Stevens and his family for his help, as well.”

As for his final farewell to the company, Boyd thanked his employees and the community.

“I’d like to thank all my employees, customers, and everyone who has supported us throughout the years,” Boyd said. “We’ve been really blessed.”

Pampa thanks Greg Boyd and Doug Boyd Motors for a wonderful 63 years of service.