Souper Bowl Sunday with 4-H


Tony Soria and Brycen Epperson are members of the Gray County 4-H program, but who are serving in different sections of 4-H events. Soria is a member of the Healthy Youth Ambassadors groups, a group that focuses on healthy living across the country and presenting showcases on healthy living to schools and organizations.

“Recently I was able to give a presentation on the effects of vaping to the Boy Scouts,” Soria said. “The goal is to provide people with information on healthy living and living a better life.”

Epperson is a member of G.L.O.B.E. Leadership Ambassadors, a program that focuses on different cultures in the world and seeing where places around the world lack in quality of life and aid in efforts. In the coming months, Epperson and the rest of his group, a select 18 kids across Texas that have been hand selected, will travel to Cost Rica for giveback efforts where they will serve in a community and help in work programs.

The two have come together for the same effort, helping fix the gap of people that lack the amount of nutrition one needs in Gray County. The duo will be running a can food drive from now until the day after Super Bowl Sunday.

“The two had an assignment to help their own community,” County Extension Agent, Joan Gray-Soria said. “So they came together on this project that is a country wide initiative that’s been running for 30 plus years.”

Souper Bowl Canned Food Drive started over 30 years ago at a youth group in the Carolinas, the name is a play on words because the final take in date every year is Super Bowl Sunday.

The duo picked to donate the proceeds to the South Side Senior Citizens

“They actually got together and decided who they wanted to bless the most,” Gray-Soria said. “I let them handle that and am pleased with their decision, and these are hard working boys that I know will truly bless them.”

While canned vegetables can be donated to the Gray County Extension Office from now until the end of the project, they will also be working at United Supermarkets, January 28. They’ll be set up at the front of the store when you walk and will be working from 8 am till 3 in the afternoon.

“We plan to be there for those hours, but we could stay longer,” Epperson said.

The duo, and 4-H is calling on all the churches and civic clubs to join in on the cause and donate what they can.
“Everything can be dropped off here, at our office, but we would also be willing to go pick up if there’s a large donation,” Gray-Soria said. “This is the second year that Tony has done this, so with two of them on it, I have high hopes.”

Last year, Soria was able to collect over 420 cans, and $350 in cash donations that were given to the charity he’d chosen for that year.

To donate, call the Gray County Extension at (806) 669.8033 or visit them at 12125 E. Frederic Ave, Ste. C