Stock Show season is upon us


The Gray County 4-H program is continuing to grow.

As some of our fall projects have ended, we are now beginning to go to work on our spring projects.

Livestock projects are reaching the final and very busy moments leading up to the county stock show. The Gray County “Bull Barn”, where we host the county show, has been busier this year than normal.

On top of hosting two Top of Texas Jackpots and our local Gray County show, we will also be hosting the Hutchinson County stock show as they prepare for a new facility. Then we quickly get involved in the major stock shows.

Gray County 4-H has about 70 major stock show entries this year to Fort Worth, San Angelo, San Antonio and Houston across all species. The dates for the upcoming local shows are as follows: Top of Texas Lamb/Goat Jackpot 1/1/22,

Top of Texas Steer/Heifer Jackpot 1/2/22, Gray County Lamb/Goat/Beef show 1/13/22 and Gray County Swine Show 1/15/22. If you have a chance come out and support these kids by watching a few classes and visiting the concession stand.