Tickets, sponsorships available for PampaFest 2022


The Second Annual PampaFest returns this summer on Aug. 20, 2022. Tickets and sponsorships are already available.

Founder/Director Corey Coronis said the event aims to build on the success from last year’s inaugural success.

“It was absolutely a big success for our first events,” Coronis said. “It had never been done and with the results we had, it was pretty impactful. I attribute that to the build-up and promotion we had leading up to it.”

Coronis noted hotels were either sold out or almost sold out from visitors in Pampa during that weekend, but the community of Pampa itself also supported the event.

“That’s very important, as well,” Coronis said. “It’s important to bring locals in and get their support. The sponsorship was really great last year and I think that’s vital to the growth of this event for over the next three years until we are self-sufficient.”

While there isn’t an exact head count, the PampaFest Board of Directors is confident there was around 3,000 people who attended last year’s event.

“That was an event we went into with zero dollars and a low budget for band expenses,” Coronis said. “But to still be able to bring in that volume of people is pretty incredible. This year we have some money to work with, so we will have a bigger stage presentation, bigger screens, a bigger light show, etc. We’ve got regional musical acts coming in. Not just local Texas Panhandle bands.”

This year, PampaFest expects around 5,000 people with bands including Ed Montana, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Cody Canada & the Departed, Jamie Lin Wilson, Wight Lighters and Ryan Cullwell.

There will be a side-stage that will be available for open-mic and other acts.

“From the time the gates open until the first band plays, we have some open-mic spaces and some time for bands to come in and play acoustic sets,” Coronis said. “I think it’s a little more value than just streaming music over the speakers. We’ve got one local band locked in right now and a jazz band out of Amarillo that does jazz and western swing”

This year’s PampaFest will also be longer and go until midnight.

“I wanted to squeeze two bands under the lights instead of just one like we did last year,” Coronis said. “So Cody Canada and Jason Boland will both be after dark. I think it’s worth every penny to do that and it’ll be a heck of a show.”

The vendors for this year’s event will all be inside of the gates, but will still allow for 64 vendor spots. There will be more food trucks at this year’s event, as well.

“Instead of seven or eight food trucks that we had, we will have 13 this year,” Coronis said. “I’m adding three more from Lubbock and have several from Pampa. That’s another encouragement, it’s not just Amarillo food trucks. It’s more opportunity for people to come and try different varieties.”

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are available that not only help support the event, but the cause behind it.

“Our sponsorships start at $500 and that gets you an entry-gate banner,” Coronis said. “Everybody coming in the gate will see the business name and know you support this event. You’re what helps keep this event going each year.”

As the sponsorship levels increase, as does the sign size and visibility along with VIP passes.

Those interested in sponsorships, e-mail

The proceeds from the event and sponsorships have already been visible among the Pampa community.

“We were able to spent thousands on Brunow Park and the Santa House this year,” Coronis said. “It was immediately impactful needs that were taken care of.”

Coronis said while they can’t upgrade city/county/school district-owned or privately-owned areas, the improvements won’t be limited to Downtown Pampa.

Tickets are available at or a More information can be found at their website ( or on their Facebook page.