Tralee Tree of Blessings Served 71 Families this Christmas


Tralee Crisis Center’s Tree of Blessings blessed 71 families this year thanks to the help of the community, local businesses and organizations. 

Penny Harvey, director of Tralee Crisis Center, said that the Tree of Blessings was put up in November at their office located at 310 S. Cuyler.

“We start making the ornaments for our clients and their kiddos before Thanksgiving, and then right after Thanksgiving we usually put our tree up. What the ornaments have on them are different items that they are needing such as clothing or shoes, coats, socks- things like that as well as toys and different items that they’re maybe wanting for a household,” Harvey shared.

“People in our community come and get those tags, and then they go and they buy what’s on that tag and bring it back to us.” 

The deadline for drop-offs was December 20 this year, but Harvey says that date will be moved up to December 16 in the year 2024 due to how the dates fall.

The giving process is interactive in order to allow the parents to feel involved.

“For the kids, we don’t wrap their stuff. We let their parent wrap, so we give them a wrapping paper and tape and bows they need so that they know what their kids are getting, but also so they are involved,” Harvey said.

“And then for the parents, we actually wrap their gifts, and they don’t really know that they’re getting stuff. A lot of times they’re very overwhelmed by the generosity of those that are in our community that provide for them.”

“We have such a giving community. I have seen that more and more as I’ve worked here at Tralee- I’ve been here not even four months yet. And just to see people coming out in droves to be able to help others that are in need has just been so neat to see. It just blesses my heart and continues to increase my faith because it’s just important for us to give back when we’ve been given so much. I just want to give a shout out to those that really helped.”

Harvey would like to say a special thank you to the community, the Pampa Fire Department, Altrusa and Flogistics for their efforts in making the 2023 Tree of Blessings a success.