Treat Yourself this Holiday at The Bronzing Barn


Put the stress of daily life and the holidays behind you and treat yourself to a day of luxury at the Bronzing Barn. Founded in February of this year, Misti McFall has incorporated many services in the Bronzing Barn such as tanning, waxing, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, foot detoxes, and teeth whitening. McFall was born and raised in Collin County where she had various hobbies growing up like raising livestock and participating in the Rodeo. Since she was young, McFall has always had aspirations of opening up her own boutique. Prior to running her own business, McFall worked in the medical field for 16 years. She reflected fondly upon her desire to make her dreams come true.

“I was a medical assistant. I worked in all sorts of areas like receptionist to insurance billing,” McFall said. “My last job in the medical field, I worked in Medical Aesthetics. That sparked a real interest in me.”

Thus McFall went to school and obtained her license in eyelash specialty. During this time, McFall married her husband, Marty McFall, in 2011. Marty originally grew up in Pampa and all of his family currently resides here. In 2020, the McFalls moved here and it wouldn’t be long until McFall opened up the Bronzing Barn.

McFall has always had a fascination with cosmetology and esthiology. When the opportunity of opening up her own business came, McFall had to take it.

“It’s something I really wanted to do,” McFall said. “I saw a vision on how to incorporate everything together.”

When the Bronzing Barn opened earlier this year, it was strictly a tanning salon with McFall offering eyelash extension services. As the year went on, McFall hired more people who were incredibly skilled in different areas of cosmetology and esthiology. Carlyn Dyer is the nail technician and Allison Armendariz specializes in pedicures, manicures, and waxing. Lyndi Barton does teeth whitening and ionic foot detox services. Shelia Budo assists in all services that the Bronzing Barn provides. Thanks to their multifaceted talents, the Bronzing Barn now offers more services including the alluring Wellness Pro Hydration Bed. Of the rejuvenating properties that the Hydration Bed offers, it reduces water retention and bloating, relieves fatigue and tiredness, relieves joint and muscle aches, and alleviates stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort.

In addition to the Wellness Pro Hydration Bed, the Bronzing Barn offers tanning services from spray tan to tanning beds. Everyone who works at the Bronzing Barn is highly knowledgeable in tanning practices and after care. The Bronzing Barn offers an array of tanning lotion and body lotion to suit all skin types.

On the retail side, the Bronzing Barn has candles, clothing, and authentic sterling silver and turquoise jewelry for sale. The jewelry that McFall sells is crafted from the same jeweler that her mother, Kay Sharpes, used when she ran her own store in New Mexico. Sharpes operated her own store for 19 years and sold custom jewelry for ten years. When McFall opened the Bronzing Barn, she planned on utilizing the same jeweler to sell jewelry just as her mother did.

“I wanted something authentic and real. Something that people recognized,” McFall said.

With the challenges that come with running her own business, McFall has enjoyed cultivating an enjoyable work atmosphere at the Bronzing Barn.

“It’s very time consuming and has lots of long hours, but it has absolutely been worth it,” McFall said. “I feel really blessed.”

McFall is very grateful for the community support she has received as well as the support from her family, her coworkers, and her clientele.

“I want to thank my husband for the countless hours of help and support he has given me to make my dream of owning my own business become a reality,” McFall said. “I also want to thank my family and the girls that work with me for all of the help and support they have given me in making The Bronzing Barn such a success, and of course to all of our clients and customers that have supported our small business along the way!”

As for the future of the Bronzing Barn, McFall hopes to one day turn it into a full service salon. There will be a new esthetician working at the Bronzing Barn in the late summer of 2023. As well, McFall has plans for a soft opening in the near future.

For more information on the Bronzing Barn, give them a call at (806) 545-0220 or stop on by at 615 West Foster Ave.