Trucker Certified, LLC: A Blessing to the Panhandle


Affordable, flexible and close to home-it’s never been easier to acquire a Commercial Driver’s License than right now and right here in the Texas Panhandle, all thanks to Oaty Scott and his company, Trucker Certified, LLC.

Starting his company from humble beginnings, Oaty’s experience and knowledge in CDL training has reached the eyes and ears of those wishing to obtain their CDL, the interest gaining more traction as each student obtains their certification through his program.

While most CDL training courses can cost anywhere from $4,000 and up and require a Monday through Friday schedule that may interfere with those with full-time jobs, Trucker Certified, LLC is only $1,100 for the entire course and offers hands-on training on the weekend and flexible online classes to fit anyone’s busy schedule. 

Although his only means at the time to advertise his company was through social media, particularly Facebook, it didn’t take long for people to take notice, some of them coming from around Dallas, New Mexico and even North and South Carolina to take advantage of the sweet deal that Oaty offers.

Started in January of this year, Trucker Certified, LLC has a total of 48 students in-class both in Pampa and Dumas, having recently opened a range in Amarillo.

Oaty is fully aware of the long-term benefits of having a CDL and the opportunities that open up, especially during the times when the job market is unstable.

“After I retired as a driver, I just wanted to give something back after all the years I had been driving. I’ve been training coast to coast for the last eight years and I just wanted to give something back to the community,” Oaty said.

“I don’t think that it’s fair to pay $4-5-6,000 to go to CDL school, so I wanted to make it affordable and I also offer Zoom classes where they don’t have to miss work. We do virtual classes Monday through Thursday from 8 in the evening until about 9:30-9:45 at night and it covers all required FMCSA interlevel driver’s training and also prepares them for their practice test to take for their permit test. From there, they’re on the range every weekend, it’s always open from 10 to 5. I require 50 hours of range and 50 hours of behind the wheel driving with me.”

Every weekend during the range training, Oaty also provides lunch to the students as a way to show his appreciation for the dedication and hard work each student demonstrates.

The curriculum takes between 4-6 weeks and with each graduate, Oaty proudly frames the certificate to give to the recipient.

As the program garners more attention and expands, so does Oaty’s need for instructors, looking for the best of the best to gaurantee the successful completion and certifications for the students.

Jullian Medellin from Plainview is the other instructor that helps with the range training on the weekends-an experienced and fully knowledgeable driver and teacher that Oaty is thankful to have.

For more information about the program, visit or their Facebook page, or call 806-662-7563.