Mike Sublett’s Advent Devotionals

Days 6 and 7 - Advent Devotionals


I don’t know about you, but most of the time when I awaken, whatever I was dreaming about quickly fades. No matter how hard I try to remember, usually I just can’t. However, there have been a handful of dreams that were so different that they were transported from faded forgetfulness to an emblazoned memory. Those dreams I have never forgotten.

Joseph had such a dream on the very worst day of his life. All his life he had yearned for the day when he would find that special someone to whom he could give his heart and his love and his faithfulness. It turned out that she lived right there in Nazareth, and her name was Mary. More importantly, she loved him too. Her family allowed the betrothal and all of life glowed.

Then Joseph’s world came crashing in. Mary informed him that she was pregnant and then made the betrayal even more painful with a preposterous story that bordered on blasphemy. He was crushed.

So what do you do when you love someone and yet they have betrayed you? Joseph resolved to put Mary away quietly so that she would not be stoned for her adultery. With a shattered heart he probably laid on his bed that night praying that sleep would halt the agony for at least a few hours.

Then it happened. God sent one of His angels to Joseph in a dream with the confirmation that Mary had spoken the truth. It was time  to  assume his role in God’s heavenly plan. Joseph immediately took Mary to his home as his wife. Now that’s a man of God, a man of true faith!

What about you? When was the last time you faced a situation where it was time to believe and to get up the next morning and start doing God’s will? Maybe you didn’t have a dream, but I’ll bet it wasn’t that long ago when it was time for you to believe. In fact, that time just might be right now.

Prayer: Father God, You have always had a plan for me, just like You do for everyone. But I haven’t always taken the right path and I haven’t always really believed in You and in Your plan for me. I want that to change today. I want You to know that I really do BELIEVE! And Lord, I truly care about Your plan for my life. Please supply me with the strength and guidance I need to faithfully walk that path. Amen.

Day 7 – Husband and Wife

The plans for the big wedding were smoldering among the ashes in the fireplace. Imagine how everyone in the tiny village of Nazareth must have been looking forward to the upcoming celebration. After all a Jewish wedding was a community affair; the whole town was invited and shared in the celebratory food and drink.

So when Mary suddenly showed up at Joseph’s house without all the hoopla, the gossip lines throughout Nazareth must have been overloaded. When Mary began to show, whispers turned to malicious gossip and doubtful glances to condemning glares.

But at least they had each other and the soon to arrive baby and their heavenly Father.

Those first weeks Mary and Joseph shared together must have been special. Outside their home in the village, they each had to have heard the snickers and the whispers and endure the finger-pointing and shaking heads. But inside their home everyone knew the truth. Mary knew, Joseph knew, and Father God certainly knew. Those hours were the best.

Have you ever wondered how they endured it all? Could you be the object of the unwarranted ridicule with only the truth to rest on and take comfort in? You could if you leaned on the same resting post that Mary and Joseph did. Lean on PATER, Father God.

Prayer: God, I want to want Your truth to be enough for me. I don’t want to need anyone or anything else besides You and Your plan for me. I want to want only You. Please help me. I’m not where I wish I was, so I can’t truthfully say that I only want You all the time. But I want to want only You all the time. Please, please, help me. Amen.