A Study in the Word – Isaiah 60:1-22


It will be a glorious time when restoration is complete.  The glory of the Lord will shine upon Israel and many peoples will be attracted to her because of it.  Such was God’s intention for the faithful.  Isaiah, however, must still speak to a people where glory is anything but a noticeable quality.  But if they heed his message, glory will become a reality (60:1).  For the present, hopelessness may cloud over every point on earth, but God will usher in a new day for the faithful (60:2).  They will glory in His glory.  When that day comes, nations will see the attractive qualities in Israel and choose to join with them (60:3).

The redemption of the entire world has been in the heart of God since creation.  If Israel would only see how God wants to use them in His holy work, they would lead others to become children of faith in God’s new world (60:4).  When they awaken to this, Israel will rejoice at their own abundance (60:5).  Blessings too numerous to count await the repentant (60:6-7).  In this way God will have greatly glorified His people (60:8-9). 

With deliverance comes responsibility.  God’s intention is that nations that saw themselves as instruments of Israel’s judgment will also see His forgiving compassion for themselves and then delight in helping to rebuild (60:10-11).  If they fail to see His compassion, they will have no future for themselves (60:12).  Restoration will make Israel a place of honor (60:13).  Instruments of Israel’s judgment can then acknowledge the grandeur of God’s plan of redemption when they themselves pay homage to the God of Israel for His grace (60:14).

Isaiah’s preaching has confronted Israel’s history of failure to acknowledge God as Lord.  That will change when the faithful remnant arises.  People once forsaken will become the pride and joy of God (60:15).  Israel will acknowledge God as “Lord, Savior, Redeemer, and Mighty One” (60:16).  They will know peace and righteousness before God (60:17-19a).  His magnificent presence will be all the difference to their hopes (60:19b).  Days of darkness change to days of glory when they see the Lord as their everlasting light (60:20).  The faithful shall be changed.  God’s promise concerning the land and the seed fulfills in a righteous people and a bountiful land, all for His glory (60:21).  Under His guiding hand, Israel the few will transform into Israel the mighty (60:22).

Dr. David Moore is a Baptist preacher in Pampa and an online instructor in Bible and theology for Taylor University and Nations University.  Email: dm5867se@outlook.com


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