Bob Douthit Auto introduces new division with open house


Bob Douthit Auto, located at 1432 S. Barners, introduced their new division, Bob Douthit Auto Upfitters,  with an open house on Wednesday morning.

“This new division is called Bob Douthit Auto Upfitters,” sales representative for Bob Douthit Auto Upfitters, Danny Galvan, said.

“We want to bring a service here to the Texas Panhandle with emergency vehicle upfitting and safety. Anywhere from our amber products to our red/blue products. We offer anything from a light-bar, to a simple arrow stick or anything for snow removal, lawn-care or public works. It’s a great product to bring here to the Panhandle.”

The light bars and other upfitting products will go a long way in providing public safety for vehicles in emergency or potentially dangerous situations.

“I’m a real advocate of public safety first having two other shops (Elite Auto Upfitters in Sterling, Colo. and Aztec, N.M.) in two other locations and bringing this here,” Galvan said.

“The ‘Move Over’ Law is touching to me as we lost somebody (Mr. Bob Douthit) in a tragic accident. I don’t know if lights could have prevented it, but let’s take that extra step and let’s get some more warning out there.”

Bob Douthit Upfitters just opened, Danny has been involved in upfitting since 2008. Bob Douthit has been open since 1967.

For more information on Bob Douthit Auto or Bob Douthit Upfitters, call 806-669-3481.


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