Dr. Tanner Neuman joins Pampa Regional Medical Center


Dr. Tanner Neuman, M.D., joined Pampa Regional Medical Center in October of last year after finishing his residency in 2020 through Texas Tech in the Permian Basin area.

Dr. Neuman practices family medicine and is currently accepting patients to be their primary care physician.

Dr. Neuman graduated from medical school at St. George’s University on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean in 2017.

“It was great, it was a gorgeous island and a wonderful opportunity,” Dr. Neuman said. “I really enjoyed it and made some great friends. I was there for two years and then finished the schooling in New Jersey, New York and Miami.”

Spending his time in the Midland-Odessa area during his residency, and during COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Neuman said it has prepared him for being in a rural setting in 2022.

“I was rural-trained during the residency program,” Dr. Neuman said. “We had limited specialties, small-town environments and I worked in the clinic and the hospital every day. I did a lot of obstetrics. So I was kind of first-hand to everything.

“When Covid started during my residency program, we didn’t have a pulmonologist or an intensivist. Most of us were family doctors handling everything. So we got a very good exposure to what needed to be done and how treatment progressed through the months and years.”

Being a family practitioner, of all ages, allows for Dr. Neuman to have a broad scope of care.

“I enjoy everything from delivery, to pediatrics, adolescent, adult and all of the way to geriatrics,” Dr. Neuman said. “I really love the whole rural concept of it being mostly me and I’m handling a lot of chronic conditions. It goes well with getting to know your patients and having that bond with them. You’re there with them through a lot of stuff instead of just referring, I take care of a lot of it.”

Dr. Neuman, who is from Texas (Fort Worth), was enticed to the rural setting because of the bond he can build with not just his patients, but the community as well.

“I like the small-town atmosphere and getting to know people around town,” Dr. Neuman said. “I like the quaintness of Pampa already. I like being involved when sports starts occurring. When there’s rodeos and special events, I’ll be there. It’s a nice place to settle down and call home.”

Dr. Neuman has a four-year-old daughter and comes from a big family.

“I’m the oldest of seven,” Dr. Neuman said. “My siblings and I are very close.”

Dr. Neuman is accepting new patients and is looking forward to what the future holds for him and Pampa Regional Medical Center.

“I’m really happy here,” Dr. Neuman said. “I think the staff is great. I’m really looking forward to planting roots, calling this home and being here for a long time.”

For more information on Pampa Medical Group, call 806-665-0801 or visit their website at www.prmctx.com.


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