Dustin Webb Agency: More than 40 years insurance experience in one office


Dustin Webb Agency, with Allstate, opened in Downtown Pampa at 222 N. Cuyler in February 2020 taking over for Rex Young.

Webb has been in the insurance industry for three years and joins an office that has more than 40 years of insurance experience combined.

After working for BNSF Railroad in a past life, Webb came to insurance to help give back to the community.

“This is a complete 180 from my previous career,” Webb said. “I’ve done some things that tied into insurance but the business interested me and is a lot more family-friendly.

“This role and my role in my previous job are a lot alike in many ways because while I was supervising a lot of people in my last role, in the end I was helping people. That has always interested me: helping people and trying to give back.”

The desire to help people is a trait Webb said he has always had since a young age.

“I’ve always been taught it’s a lot more rewarding to do things for other people,” Webb said.

“That’s something I’ve just always enjoyed, being able to see the joy other people get from being helped. In insurance, people are usually contacting you because they are in a bad situation or they’re looking for better coverage. It’s nice to be able to help in those areas.”

Webb a 2003 graduate of West Texas A&M University and his wife, Kara, are both from the Texas Panhandle area, with Webb being from Wellington and his bride hailing from Panhandle. The pair have two boys, four and two years old.

“We’re both Texas Panhandle kids,” Webb said. “The opportunity presented itself and Pampa being in the Texas Panhandle and close to both of our hometowns made it easier. With both of us growing up in small towns, choosing Pampa just made it easier. It’s bigger than both of the towns we grew up in, but is still a small town.

Through Dustin Webb Agency and Allstate, customers can get insurance on home, boat, auto, renters and many more. They also offer investments and life insurance.

“We even have Allstate Benefits, which is a supplemental insurance we can offer to groups,” Webb said.

Along with Webb, Dustin Webb Agency has three others on staff: Janice Monds, Norma Tonche and Hailey Roberts.

For more information, visit their Facebook page or call 806-665-5356.


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