Goatin’ Around: PHS Wrestling Team’s Fundraiser


The season of giving is not over quite yet. The Pampa High School Wrestling Booster club held their annual fundraising event, Send a Friend a Goat! The Wrestling team has gone from business to business delivering the gift of goat. PHS senior and Wrestling team Captain, Tripper Taylor, has supplied his family’s goat, Gertrude, for this year’s fundraiser. For a donation of any amount, Gertrude and the Wrestling team have been traveling around surprising local businesses with their “gift”. The business can then choose the next business to send Gertrude to.

The fundraiser has proven to be an astounding success. Gertrude has been welcomed with open arms all around town and the Wrestling Booster club has raised around $6,900. The popularity of this goat-gram has the Wrestling team considering a new animal option for next year.

“We did a goat last year. The only other animal that would be funny to do is a pig,” Taylor said.

Gertrude and the Wrestling team have been to State Farm, All State, The Coffee Shop, Calvary Baptist Church, P-Town Nutrition, and even City Hall! The reactions to Gertrude have been priceless.

“We’ve gotten all sorts of reactions,” Taylor chuckled. “At City Hall, everyone on the second floor was pretty excited. They put the goat on the chairs and took all sorts of pictures.”

The Pampa Wrestling team will be having their Senior Night on January 10th, 2023 at 6 p.m. at Pampa High School. Come out and support their team at their match against Borger High School.