Jennifer Foreman takes over as Executive Director of Tralee Crisis Center


After the retirement of Dee Dee Laramore on Aug. 31, Jennifer Foreman has been named the Executive Director for Tralee Crisis Center.

Foreman has spent the last two years as a social worker for the non-profit, and felt like this would be a smooth transition.

“It’s an important job and I wanted it to be a smooth transition,” Foreman said. “I was the social worker before, so since I worked with Tralee and understood how things ran; I figured with my degree and my experience it would be a good fit.”

Foreman has spent the last two years as the licensed clinical social worker and has enjoyed working with Tralee and helping those going through tough situations.

“It is my heart and passion to help people with domestic violence and sexual assault, it’s something I’ve personally experienced in my life,” Foreman said. “It’s something you can overcome, but to do that you need people who believe in you and that’s why I became a social worker. To get into the trenches with people and encourage them that your past doesn’t determine your future. You do.”

Foreman worked closesly with Laramore and sees her as a mentor.

“She has mentored me the last two years the entire time I’ve been here,” Foreman said. “I look up to her. I’m not Dee Dee but I’ve gleaned as much as I can from her I still have contact with her. She’s still willing to be a mentor and help me.”

Foreman would like to have the community learn more about Tralee’s role in the community.

“Even after being here since the 1980s, it seems like the general public doesn’t know what all we can do,” Foreman said. “I want to expand our reach and to continue the legacy that was started in the 1980s.”

Tralee Crisis Center has three fundraisers underway they are calling the “Tralee Trifecta.”

The first is their Harvest Baskets, running from Nov. 1 to Nov. 19.

“We’re collecting $50 gift cards for gift baskets,” Foreman said. “We used to just do the baskets but we learned that gift cards make it easier for everybody. So we’re able to just give it to the family and they can go grocery shop.”

Tralee Crisis Center is also taking part in Panhandle Gives, where they collaborate with the Amarillo Area Foundation.

“It runs Nov. 22 to Nov. 30,” Foreman said. “The really nice thing wit it is when you give your donation, it’s amplified because there are funds set aside to amplify whatever Tralee gets.”

The last fundraiser is Tralee’s Tree of Blessing from Dec. 1 to Dec. 15.

“You can pick an ornament (or more than one) and go buy it and bring it back,” Foreman said. “It’s for the client and their children.”

Foreman earned a bachelors degree in social work from the University of Texas in 2013 and a masters in social work from Texas State University in 2014. She was born and raised in Pampa and graduated from Pampa High School in 1999.

Foreman is married to her husband, Christopher Foreman, and the couple have an 18-month-old daughter, Aniah.

“I’m looking forward to the future and am very excited and grateful to be in this position,” Foreman said.

For more information on Tralee Crisis Center, call 806-669-1131.


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