Kooper Zane Preston Memorial Bull Riding event set for June 4


The Kooper Zane Preston Memorial Bull Riding event has been set for Saturday, June 4 at the Top O’ Texas Arena in Pampa.

Muttin’ Bustin’ will be at 4 p.m., steers will continue after a tribute to Kooper Zane Preston, who along with two others passed away in a car crash last October.

A dance with music from Cody Sparks will be held after the event. Tickets to the bull riding and the dance are $5 each with all proceeds going to the Kooper Zane Preston Memorial Charities.

“This is going to be an annual event held every year,” Kooper’s mother Kaysi Preston said. “From that we are giving scholarships: a rodeo scholarship, a football scholarship and a baseball scholarship.”

On top of the scholarships, the Memorial Charities will also help support grieving families.

“When this happened to Kooper, there was an organization called Stick Horses and Cakes from Abilene who reached out to us,” Kooper’s father Tommy Preston said. “What they did for us, we want to be able to do for other families. That is to help financially support grieving families who lost a child.”

In this event, the Prestons hope to keep Kooper’s legacy alive. His legacy reads as follows:

“Live Like Kooper. “LLK”

“The Legacy of Kooper Zane Preston begins with his love of family, friends and faith in his belief that through prayer and Christ all things are possible. Kooper believed in the things you can freely give and still keep; kindness, your word, smile, laughter and encouragement toward others.

“Kooper’s words, ‘Let’s go boys’ and ‘Slide and Ride’ urged friends to hang on to their dreams.

“Kooper was curious, imaginative, adventurous, loyal, naturally empathic, Mischievous, irresistibly charming and dauntlessly unique. A passionate person with grounded warmth, humorous personality and fearless because he had fears but was never afraid to face them. With risk comes courage, with failure comes success, life lived with adventure, is a life well lived.

“Believe in your Ability to succeed, motivation to set goals and attitude to determine your success”


“Phil 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Tommy and Kaysi added Kooper lived more in his 14 years of life than most adults do their entire lives.

“There was just something about him,” Kaysi said. “You knew when he was around.”

Kooper started riding at four years old and was about to move into bull riding before he passed away, but what he did behind the chutes is where his legacy was most felt.

“He led so many kids to Christ behind the buckin’ chutes at rodeos,” Kaysi said. “It was his legacy, who he was and how important it was to him. During the rodeo we will have a short devotional. All of the rodeos he attended were Christian-based and had a church service. He was always front and center at that.”

Gold sponsorships are available for $500 with banners hung on brand-new panels. Bronze sponorships are $250 and will be announced during the event. However, any sponsorship of any amount is greatly appreciated.

“Any donation is appreciated, it doesn’t have to be one or the other,” Kaysi said.

Bull-riding entries can be made at 580-729-1962.

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