Kovar Capital: Finding a Job During COVID


Hey Taylor - I’m out of work currently because of the virus, but I’m taking this opportunity to live off some savings and find a new career. Any advice on how I can get myself in a good position for a job search starting in the fall? - Ben

Hey Ben - Sounds like you’ve got a solid plan, which is always the first step for finding work you enjoy. It’s hard to predict what things will look like in a couple months, but you can still use this time wisely to get prepared.

• Dust off your resume. If you haven’t edited your resume in a while, it’s definitely time to do so. For starters, you want to have all your most recent work and education on there. Even more importantly, you need to have a resume that reflects our current times. Under each job you’ve had, there should always be a description of the accomplishments you made and projects you handled. This is a great chance to update that language to reflect useful skills in a remote work environment. Emphasize your responsibility and attention to detail so employers will view you as a safe person to bring on board. We think of everything in terms of the coronavirus these days, so your resume should cater to that.

• Ask around. Since it sounds like you’re not in a rush with this job search, you should take time to put out feelers. Check in with old connections to see if there’s either work available or if anyone knows of a place that’s hiring. Do some LinkedIn stalking of people you know whose careers you admire and send some private messages. Ideally, you’ll get a job lined up through someone you already know so you don’t have to go through the process of submitting an application and being one of a hundred interviewees. If you can avoid being just another face amongst a sea of applicants, you definitely should.

• Get smarter. Whenever I feel a lull in productivity and I’m not sure what to do next, I download an audiobook about something that interests me. That’s more or less how I got into the career I have now - I was interested in and educated myself about money. You don’t have to sign up for a course or get a degree in engineering, but you can read books and watch videos and stick useful information in your brain. At some point that information will serve a practical purpose, and it might turn into a career opportunity. The more you know, the more money you can make.

Using this time to research new careers is a great idea, Ben. I’m excited for where you might find yourself in the coming year. Good luck!

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