Kovar Capital: New types of jobs emerging from COVID-19


Hi Taylor: Aside from Amazon, are there industries or businesses that have done well during the pandemic? I’ve been lucky enough to keep my job, but I’m wondering about younger people and those out of work - what options do they have for job searching? - Kelsey
Hey Kelsey: Great question and topic! I always think it’s great to find the silver lining, especially in times like these when it can be difficult to stay positive. In addition to the big businesses that have increased profits over the last six months, we’ve seen a good number of sectors and services experience growth as well.
Online sales. As you mentioned, Amazon has been raking in money hand over fist since places first started locking down. However, that company’s monopoly isn’t absolute when it comes to digital retail. A lot of businesses have adapted to start shipping their goods and making online ordering more accessible. As a part of that, those working on the back end in logistics and e-commerce have found lots of opportunities. Any service with a foothold and the ability to streamline online shopping has been pretty successful. And, outside of those digital jobs, the economy has added a lot of work for couriers to handle the increase in shipping.
Digital training. As we’re all aware, education has largely moved online in the wake of COVID. This hasn’t necessarily led to a big increase in traditional teaching jobs, but it has prompted a surge of jobs related to education and training. Current teachers need to train in new technology and programs, and tech companies are employing developers to work on software that will make distanced learning easier to manage. There are seminars running online for educators looking to get better at instructing from home, as well as how-to tutorials in just about every field.
Outdoor everything. Even as we all fight to get back to the normal lives we used to have, American innovation is on display everywhere you look. Gyms and restaurants have found ways to move operations outdoors while maintaining distance and the same quality people had come to expect before the pandemic. You might not own a cafe or a fitness center, but anyone with space to offer an outdoor service is in high demand. Start teaching a pilates class in the park, or throw together a pop-up movie theater. Think about how this virus restricts us and what you could do in response - whatever you come up with might be the perfect business opportunity during these crazy times.
I can’t wait to get to the other side of this when we can stop viewing everything through a coronavirus lens. Until then, it’s great to keep the wheels turning and thinking of available work. Thanks for writing in!
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