Local resident looks to spark clean-up initiative with event Saturday


Pampa resident Donna Brown grew up in Pampa and remembers what, in her mind, Pampa used to be.

After returning home recently, she has hated to see what some areas of town have become.

“When I came back, just driving around and seeing the city I used to live in, my goal was to restore our city,” Brown said. “Clean up the lots, torn down buildings, houses, etc. that are a hazard to our children and community. Nobody is going to come here if our city is looking like this.”

Brown said she has seen this problem in several areas across Pampa, but right now would like to focus on the south side around Prairie Village and is looking to rally the community for help on Saturday, July 30 at around 8-8:30 a.m.

Some work has been done over the years as the City of Pampa has received grants to help with the tearing down of dilapidated buildings. NBA Basketball player Trae Young, who has ties to Pampa, is also revitalizing a basketball court in that area, as well.

“My goal is to clean up the properties with a lot of trees, bushes and weeds that they need to be cleaned up just so they can be mowed,” Brown said. “(I’d like to see the City) get rid of those houses that have fallen down.”

Mayor Lance DeFever said some of the empty lots have been added back to the tax roll.

“The meeting before last we had three or four lots that went up for bid,” DeFever said. “They (the City) are working those lots pretty hard. If they can’t find the current tax-payers, once they go into default on the taxes we have a little more latitude.”

DeFever added he and Brown have acknowledged that this clean up may take two or three events to see results, but also an attitude change.

“It’s a start,” DeFever said. “During my campaign, that was a big topic (cleaning up the city). I made the comment that I feel like our culture has changed. If we had the means, we could clean the town up tomorrow. But if we can’t get people to change their thinking, it would go back to the same spot. We just need to get people’s pride back.”

DeFever also noted he hopes Brown becomes a spark for a clean-up initiative in all areas of Pampa. Mayor DeFever, Commission Paul Searl and Commissioner Jimmy Keough all plan to take part in the event on Saturday.

Those interested in helping with the clean up can call Brown at 682-407-6949 or e-mail shortiebrown6@yahoo.com.


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