Pampa Local gets to meet Downtown Fox


On my walk last night (Saturday, Sept. 9) I had a delightful experience with a fox!

A pair were walking south on Gray. One (I am pretty sure the female) saw me and headed off west, but the other (pretty sure a male) kept coming! He got to the intersection of Gray and Foster and I would swear he practiced “street safety”! He stopped at the corner and sat down. Looked at me and apparently decided I wasn’t a threat, then looked right and saw car lights and waited. He then looked left and it was clear. He got up and RAN for it!

I’ve seen a random fox once in a while, but never two together, and never was I able to get pictures because they didn’t get close enough and moved too fast. But this one was unique! I would name him “Foxy”!

– Sharon


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