Prime Kuts brings wagyu beef to Pampa


Pampa has a new location to get wagyu beef at Prime Kuts, located at 726 N. Hobart, owned by Dennis and Brenda Kuempel.

The Kuempels were inspired to get into the wagyu market after eating some at a Japanese restaurant in Aspen, Colo.

“Wagyu is a Japanese cow with beef that is extremely marbled,” Brenda said. “It’s not tough at all. You’re going to get a lot more flavor and tender. It’s the ‘Cadillac’ of beef. It’s a very heart-healthy type of beef.”

The Kuempels now raise their own wagyu beef at the RAAH Ranch, hoping to create the best possible genetics in full-blooded wagyu. All Kuemple 100% Fullblood cattle are DNA Parent Verified and registered with American & Australian Wagyu Associations.

Brenda and Dennis bought 11 Fullblood Wagyu cows and heifers and began a breeding program with the goal of having 150-250 Fullblood Wagyu cows on the ranch by 2013 -utilizing modern breeding techniques, including artificial insemination and embryo transfer of premium genetics.

“[Dennis] does the genetics,” Brenda said. “He is really trying to come up wit the best marbling and the best techniques. (He works on) what genetics in the wagyu family makes the best meat. He’s worked on that for years. He’s perfected it to the best marbling and best meat.”

Dennis is a fifth-generation cattle rancher on his family’s ranch.

Information on the Kuempels ranch can be found at

About a year ago, the Kuempels decided it was time to sell their beef through a storefront.

“We had this building and we had the beef,” Brenda said. “I had been in the retail business for several years before, so I kind of knew the retail business. We decided to bring some different, unique things to Pampa.”

Beef isn’t the only product sold at Prime Kuts. They also sell unique items like gourmet cheeses, wines (wine slushies to come), home-made wagyu beef jerky and sauces.

“We have olive oils and all kinds of sauces,” Brenda said. “We try to buy things from small businesses that specialize in that one product. Our bloody Mary mix and barbecue sauce, that’s all that company does. Same with some of the sauces I have from Ruidoso, N.M. I have only Texas wines for now with grapes from around Lubbock.”

Brenda added Prime Kuts is adding to their products every day and is still waiting for some items to be shipped in.

Prime Kuts is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information on Prime Kuts, visit their Facebook page “Prime Kuts Texas,” on Instagram “Prime Kuts Texas” or call 806-662-8462.


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