Bi-District Bound!


The Pampa Harvester Soccer team has, for the second year in a row, been named District Champs. This season, the boys have held a record of 10 wins, one tie and one loss.

“My first as a the head coach has been amazing,” Coach, Martin Moreno said. “We’ve done really well and I hope to see it continue one.”
The past year, Coach, Hugo Aguillon coached the boys with Moreno under him, assisting with the team. But Aguillon took a position in Canyon, leaving a hole to be filled here in Pampa.

“Before I went in for the interview to take his spot, I remember him telling me how confident he was in me with this role,” Moreno said. “I’m grateful to have gotten it and been able to coach these guys. Doing as well as he did, and then some, shows that maybe he taught me too much.”

The team will face Mineral Wells on March 24th in Canyon at the Happy State Bank Arena for the title of Bi-District Champions.

“We’re looking forward to the match,” Moreno said. “Our plan going into the game is to play ‘Moreno Ball’ or so that’s what the guys call it. We’re going to focus on getting and keeping possession of the ball, and when the chances arise to take a goal, we’ll give it to our guys that can drive it home for us. We’re blessed to make it this far for the second year, but we’re focused on taking it one game at time.”

Coach Moreno also had a huge shout out to all of his seniors that lead the team on and off of the field.

“My seniors are a huge help in making the team work, they keep everyone focused on what we’re there to do,” Moreno said. “A big shout out goes to Ever Martinez for all his help. He’s the player I go to to get input on new plans or changes. He’s a solid player, his input helps me out when I make those final decisions. He encourages the team with whatever I decide to do.”

Congratulations to the Harvester Soccer guys, and the best of luck against Mineral Wells.

Bring home the gold, guys.


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