Christmas Home Tour, featuring The Borger Home


Mike and Lynnae Borger are from Amarillo, but moved to Pampa seven years ago when Mike felt the calling to join ministry.

“We started attending church at Trinity in Amarillo and the job for pastor in Pampa opened up,” Borger said. “I felt that it was the next part of my life the Lord was opening up. When we got the call that we were to pastor the church here, we left our dream home we’d just built in Amarillo but haven’t regretted it for a second because we love this town and the people in it.”

The Borgers’ Home was built in 2018, Mike says this home is the dream home they’d built but in Pampa. The Borger’s purchased the home the following year in 2019.

“While we already owned an older home in Pampa which we loved,” Lynnae Borger said. “When we saw the new build we couldn’t resist!”

The home, bought as an anniversary gift for the two, has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The home, is designed with a fresh modern touch and an open living plan. The center of the home features large windows that look into the backyard of the home.

“We use the lounge room a lot,” Mike Borger said. “While we are mostly retired, we do marriage counseling and our blessed with this home and are able to do it right from here.”

Mike, who worked in a different industry for years, was called into ministry and has recently retired for the most part, so the two have more time together and with their family.

“Working in the church is a blessing, but we were ready to take some time to spend together and our family,” Lynnae said. “We have kids that live in Dallas and Oklahoma and we have grandkids that are growing, so we wanted to be a part of their lives more. But we aren’t completely done with our church home, we still have a role in the church and continue to be a part of it as much as we can.”

The master bedroom has large windows and an en suite. A separate dining room catches the morning sun. Upstairs the home features an office, a game room for the grandkids and two bedrooms with a Jack & Jill bath.

“The upstairs game room is perfect for the grandkids, they have their own space in the home when they come to visit.” Mike said. “The office was something we just recently finished.”

The builder of the home painted one of the rooms in the home a vibrant pink color that the couple has left for their granddaughters.

“Lynnae has done a beautiful job decorating our home and we are so excited for people to come and see it,” Mike said. “While I love the decor, I am certainly excited for the light show we’ll have going in the garage that my Tesla puts on. So hopefully people will like that as much as I do.”

The tour of homes will happen Sunday, December the 11th. Tickets can be purchased from any members of the Twentieth Century Cotillion Study Club, or at the door of the homes when the tour begins.

*Parts of this article Provided by the Twentieth Century Cotillion Study Club*


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