Fishing Report on Texas Lakes


Lake Meredith: SLOW. Water stained; 76 degrees; 49.32 feet low. With the triple digits heat the fishing has slowed with best bites early morning picking up with sunset. Black bass remain fair working new drops with crankbait, and bottom bumping worms. White bass are slow with a few bites early but disappearing after 9am. Walleye are great in 18-25 feet of water using minnows and nightcrawlers. Crappie are good with minnows, and jigs suspending over structure or under structure. Channel catfish are good on minnows.

Cisco: GOOD. Water stained; 70 degrees; 1.31 feet low. Summer fishing patterns remain the same, fishing in deeper waters as the summer heats persist. Largemouth bass are fair on crankbait and soft plastic rigs in the early mornings and later in the evenings fishing the northern portion of the lake. Sunfish are good on cutworms under structures or vegetation. Crappie remain fair on jigs and minnows. Catfish have been fair on stink bait, chicken livers, and cut shad.

Lake Greenbelt: SLOW. Water stained; 87 degrees; 37.74 feet low. Black bass are slow as due to the heat, fish deeper waters. Catfish are fair on live bait suspending bait 3 feet from the bottom. Walleye are fair as they have been harder this year than previous years. Sunfish and crappie are good fishing shallow structures with live bait. White bass are slow.

White River: FAIR. Water stained; 87 degrees; 19.42 feet low. Summer fishing patterns remain consistent to weeks past. Largemouth bass continue to be fair deep using rocks, vegetation, and drops fishing minnows, bumping worms, jigs, and crankbait. Crappie are fair on jigs or minnows above vegetation and in structures less than 7 feet. Success reported in the after dark when the lights come on. Walleye are good on minnows. Channel Catfish are good on dough bait, and minnows on the bottom.

Alan Henry:FAIR. Water clear; 81 degrees; 0.32 low high. Summer fishing patterns persist. White bass are good. Black bass, spotted bass and largemouth bass are good with success using earthworms. Fish are schooling up so use depth finders to locate. Fish with jigs and earthworms. Crappie are good on minnows seeking out the structures. Catfish are fair on live bait, cut bait and stink bait.

Arrowhead: FAIR. Water slightly stained; 85 degrees; 0.70 feet low. Fishing patterns remain consistent as the past weeks. Channel and blue catfish are fair continuing to slow. Try cheese bait over baited holes or drifting with fresh cut shad. There is plenty of shad to be found, when you find it you may find other catches mixed in. Black and white bass are slow. Crappie are good in deeper water using minnows and jigs.

Information in this fishing report is from Texas Parks and Wildlife, Bitly link:


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