Harvesters take down Plainview, 25-21


The Pampa Harvesters opened the home season against the Plainview Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs came out hot in the 1st quarter leading the Harvester’s 7-6.

The Harvester’s defense came out a little stiff, much like there previous game. By the second quarter the Harvesters found their rhythm and began to swarm and steam roll over whomever had the ball for the Bulldogs.

The Harvesters, with a heavy ground and pound offense got rolling, quarterback #6 Michael Campos was able to get the ball to freshman running back #9 Max Neff for several big runs and then he found the end zone to give the Harvester’s there first points of the game, the Harvester’s went for a 2 point conversion but was stopped short.

Quarterback Campos made several great passes and even did a couple Quarterback keep plays to march the Harvester’s down the field, the Harvester’s where unable to get into the end zone and had to settle for a field goal #13 Justin Martinez nailed a 40 yarder to make the score 9-14 in favor of the Bulldogs who went on to make another touchdown making the score 9-21 starting the 2nd quarter.

The Harvester’s came out in the second quarter ready to play they shut the Bulldogs offense down #44 Austin Bruce made several huge tackles making the Bulldogs lose yarding giving the Harvester’s the energy boost they needed, then #13 stepped up and made a huge interception giving the Harvester’s the ball back. #77 Andres Cervantes made a couple great pancake blocks giving the quarterback and running back time to get outside of the line to move the ball down the field.

Just before the 2nd quarter ended the Bulldogs had the ball and they were marching down the field, the secondary of the Harvester’s did a fantastic job in the redzone stopping the Bulldogs short with no time left on the clock the final score before halftime was 25-21 Harvesters.

The Bulldogs got the ball the start of the 2nd half, they tried to move the ball down the field but the Harvester’s defense shut them down giving the ball back to their offense. #9 Max Neff made 2 huge runs getting the Harvester’s in the red zone he has great awareness on the field.

The Harvesters were unable to get in the end zone and went for a field goal that ended up getting blocked, the Bulldogs recovered the ball. The 3rd and the 4th quarter were an amazing defensive battle, both teams had problems moving the ball down the field, #9 Neff had a couple amazing runs but could not find the end zone again, both of the defensive squads just shut down the offensive side.

The Pampa Harvesters went on win this amazing battle 25-21 both teams played amazing this was a very exciting and hard fought battle. Next Friday the Pampa Harvester’s will play Caprock, the game will begin at 7PM.


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