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One of Pampa’s most philanthropic residents is dedicated to the health, wellness, and amelioration of her community. Serenity Ford operates her own practice: Serenity Ford: Doula, Herbalist + Traditional Medicine Woman, in which she specializes in Holistic wellness and feminine health. She is currently studying Diet and Nutrition Coaching at the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Originally from Abilene, Ford and her family now reside in Pampa. Ford has been with her husband for six years now and together they share three kids.

Prior to establishing her practice here, in 2018, Ford created a nonprofit organization called Pinup Dolls USA while she lived in Abilene. The nonprofit was used to raise awareness and funds for domestic violence abuse victims and their children. The organization grew and had chapters in San Angelo and Odessa. The members of Pinup Dolls USA would dress up in 50s attire while raising funds and awareness for charities, which merged Ford’s 12 year background as a pinup model with her desire to help others.

“I thought, ‘Let’s tie this really cool aesthetic to charity.’ ” Ford said. “Pinup Dolls USA really set up my philanthropic journey. It was my first time doing something big.”

Though the nonprofit organization has since disband, Ford reflects upon the experience with positivity.

“That was a pivotal moment in my life,” Ford said. “I needed that chapter of life to help me move on to the next thing.”

When looking for a place to raise their family, Ford and her husband enthusiastically decided that Pampa would be that such place. Ford’s husband owns a company that contracts for wind turbines. As such, his job takes him to different out of state locations like Oklahoma and New Mexico. Pampa ended up being a ideal location that would fit the Ford’s family needs.

“I love the community feel,” Ford said. “I don’t feel like an outsider here.”

Preceding Ford’s current practice, she had opened up Red Moon Wellness in March of 2021. Her storefront was located in the buildings behind Highland Plaza. Ford solely operated Red Moon Wellness for a year before she had life circumstances that would change her perception of her business.

“When I got pregnant with my son, I realized that having a storefront was going to be stressful,” Ford said.

On New Years Eve of 2021, Ford decided to close Red Moon Wellness, have her baby, and reassess.

“Honestly, I bit off more than I could chew,” Ford said. “I didn’t want to feel like I had to be at the storefront right after I had my baby.”

Taking a step back from her business proved beneficial. In the summer of 2022, Ford was ready to start a new business again.

Ford  acquired an intimate Office space in Highland Plaza and established Serenity Ford: Doula, Herbalist + Traditional Medicine Woman, where she could work by appointment.

Ford specializes in auricular therapy, energy healing like Reiki (a Japanese form of energy healing) general wellness, and feminine fertility during each stage of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. As well, Ford hosts free monthly wellness workshops for the community. For February, the class will be learning how to make Rose Salve and In March, the class will learn about basic nutrition.

Ford is dedicated to her practice and the wellness of others.

“I’ve lived multiple lives. I have a heart for people,” Ford said. “Addicts, criminals, whoever they are, I feel like I can really reach out to them.”

In addition to her practice, Ford is very active on social media. She shares her journey of wellness in hopes to inspire others to participate in their own wellness journey.

“Everyone is inspiring others to do better, whatever that may look like for them,” Ford said.

Ford reflects upon her journey into traditional medicine and wellness.

“I had an addiction to alcohol. Once I stopped drinking, I started becoming more aware of certain things - like how I talked and treated people - but most notably, my health,” Ford said. “I did seek help from other people and took their advice and knowledge. But really, it hit me - I had to help myself.”

In her next chapter of life, Ford heavily dove into feminine fertility wellness. With the aide of Krystal Kruckner and her natural health treatment, Ford’s wellness journey - and her interests in it - grew.

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, it really led me to getting into birth work,” Ford said. “I wanted to home birth her. I studied birth so much because of it.”

Ford gave birth to her daughter in a 5th wheeler, which she credits as a revolutionary experience for herself.

Ford’s birth experience as well as her life experiences, are the foundation for her current practice.

“I really, truly, believe that I am doing what I supposed to be doing,” Ford said. “I am not done nor have I peaked. I have so much more that I need to accomplish.”

Ford expresses her sincerest gratitude for all those who have helped her.

“I definitely want to thank my husband,” Ford said. “He has supported me 100 percent. He’s financially supported in my first year of school. He supports all my dreams. It’s truly a blessing.”

As well, Ford is appreciative of the Pampa community for its support.

“I’m happy to be here in Pampa. I’ve met really great people and businesses,” Ford said. “I would like to thank the Pampa Chamber of Commerce, too. Cortnie, since she’s gotten into her role, has gone above and beyond. She’s done so much for the community.”

For more information about Serenity Ford: Doula, Herbalist + Traditional Medicine Woman, visit her website at or call to schedule an appointment at (806) 661-8951.


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