Pampa ‘SUPERCLASS’ Outpaces Texas and National Programs – Sets Four PHS Academic Marks


Congratulations to 34 talented sophomores, juniors, and seniors for becoming the No. 1 most productive academic class in the history of Pampa High School! Results from the 2020 National Spanish Language and Culture AP Exam show that 100 percent of the students, all 34, were able to pass this difficult exam. Thirty-four students is the highest number to ever pass an AP Exam at PHS and each young person earned college credit for their superlative efforts on the annual test. 

The National Advanced Placement (AP) program allows exceptional high school students to demonstrate their advanced skills and test out of the first two years of college academic programs. Each AP Test is scored from 0 to 5, with 5 being the maximum score possible. The higher the score achieved by the student, the more college credit is earned. The 2020 Spanish 4 AP class scored nine 5’s and fifteen 4’s, both PHS records. Ten 3’s were also earned. 

Using West Texas A&M’s AP Credit Policy, this group accumulated a PHS record 371 college hours, the equivalent of three Bachelor’s degrees, or 12 years worth of college credit for a typical student! Additionally, these students don’t have to pay any tuition, books, or fees for the college credit earned because of their stellar performance on the National AP Spanish Exam! These free hours put the potential financial gain for the 2020 Spanish AP class close to $100,000 from this single test.

These 34 dedicated young people had all completed at least two years of previous language training at PHS to score so high on the National AP Exam. Distractions due to COVID complications make this academic feat all the more impressive. Pampa High School wishes to thank the 2020 Spanish 4 AP Class for the way you have represented yourselves, your families, your school, and the community of Pampa. Great Job, Harvesters!


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