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Revelation 8:1-5 sets out two steps preliminary to the trumpet judgment. First, breaking the seventh seal in 8:1 officially declares the coming and complete wrath of the Lamb upon all opposition … more
Truth #1: The word “tithe” only occurs 8 times in the New Testament (Mt. 23:23; Lk. 11:42; 18:12; Heb. 7:5-9). Three times by Jesus as he condemned the Pharisees and 5 times in the … more
It seems there was always a revival in one of the churches in our community where I grew up.  Half my life was spent sitting in a church pew listening to some Baptist preacher rant and rave … more
When my aged Uncle Mort tells a story that is not “truth-proofed,” it merely means he heard it somewhere, and details may be accurate--or, more likely--figments of his imagination. … more
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, This past couple of Sundays have been a little different for me.  Bro. Allen Snapp has led the singing at Highland for many years.  But … more
What is the focus of your life? Is it seeking things to be happy or achieving important goals? And what if your life was suddenly taken from you today? Would you be ready, or so focused on this life … more
How much do you love everyone at your church? Enough to take them food when they are sick? Of course, you do. Enough to help them if they lose their job? Of course, you do. Enough to listen to them … more
Christ confronts apathetic churches as exampled by the church at Sardis. The description of Jesus once again indicates the tone of the letter. The One who holds the fullness of the Spirit and the … more
His name was Willie, a campus minister; we were having lunch, making small talk. I asked him how he met his wife and he replied, “When she taught me how to date.” I had heard a lot of … more
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I really don’t know where to start. Recent days have been really difficult for me. I am in the midst of a struggle that has taken me down a … more
Thyatira represents churches that compromise morality.  The description of Christ sets the tone (2:18).  With the strength of bronze to stand against moral compromise, He exercises the … more
His name was Todd. He was a red-headed fireball at a summer Bible camp that I taught in Missouri in 1977. I moved that summer and didn’t hear anything further from Todd until 1983. … more
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Bryan and Charity were going to be gone over the weekend and needed someone to watch Piper. Of course, Memaw said that we would be glad to have her … more
What is your favorite chapter in the “letters to the churches” in the New Testament? (Romans through Revelation) Many or most usually choose Romans 8, and what a spectacular adventure it … more
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I must confess that recent days have been really difficult for me. It just seems like things have definitely not gone in the way that I anticipated … more
Christ confronts churches who tolerate false teaching.  Pergamum was very loyal to Rome, even holding the right to carry out executions immediately.  There were at least four temples … more
There are 4 references to God in the Declaration of Independence. However, if you research it’s evolution, you will discover that in Jefferson’s “rough draft” and in the … more
The letter to Smyrna shows that Christ “crowns” churches that remain faithful during trials (2:8-11). This city was destroyed in 600 B.C. and had lain in ruins for 400 years. She had … more
Depending on which Bible translation you use, the little word “put” occurs either: 207 (NIV), 186 (ESV), 157 (KJV), 167 (NKJV) times. I want us to examine 2 of them, from the same context … more
Ten months has passed since Keith Feerer left Mary Ellen and Harvester Church of Christ, and on July 3, they will have a new preacher. Zachary Green will take over as pulpit minister, and he is … more
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