Pampa football recap vs. Caprock


The Pampa Harvesters played the Caprock Longhorns at Caprock this past Thursday. The Harvesters defense came out hot this game swarming everywhere and holding the Longhorns offense to several three and outs.

In the first quarter the Longhorns had to settle for a field goal. The Harvesters would not allow them into the endzone. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 0-3 Longhorns. The Harvesters offense had four turnovers in the first half, and seemed to be having trouble getting plays going.

The Longhorns defense keyed in on Max Neff, the freshman running back, not letting him get anywhere. Senior quarterback Michael Campos had several good runs but was stopped short of the endzone. The Harvester defense was really holding their own against a very strong Longhorns offense.

The second half started with the Longhorns getting the ball first, the Harvesters defense did fantastic this game. They played hard and held the Longhorns offense most of the third quarter to only a field goal. #50, Outside Linebacker, Cooper Smith had a fantastic game. He was all over the backfield of the Longhorns getting sacks and stopping runs short.

The Harvesters offense just could not get anything going, they had a total of six turnovers. Campos was sacked in the final minutes of the game in the endzone where the Longhorns caused him to fumble. They got their only touchdown of the game making the final score, Longhorns 20 and the Harvesters 0. The Longhorns defense was very tough and just shut down the Harvesters passing and running game.

Next Friday the Pampa Harvesters will host Decatur, kickoff at 7:00 pm, show some support and help the Harvesters get the victory.


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