The Harbor: A place for both funerals and events


The Harbor Community Event Center, located at 708 N. Hobart in Pampa, held their first event recently and is in the process of taking reservations for any number of events to be held.

Owners Brad and Suzanne Pingel originally thought of the center as a space for funerals of larger families who may not have a church home.

“I wanted to do something associated with the funeral home and give better options to the families that we serve as a reception center,” Brad said. “All across the United States, reception centers for funerals are really becoming a thing. It just hasn’t taken hold here in the Texas Panhandle. As far as I know, there are two in Lubbock.

“At first, this was something that was for families who don’t have a church home and want to hold a luncheon. Not everybody’s home is big enough for a large family. This will allow for a more relaxed atmosphere. But it also allows to have a luncheon catered the day of the funeral.”

Brad said he has no intention of taking the place of churches, but as staffing and volunteering for churches have become an issue, this will be another option for families.

“I’m not trying to take the place of the churches,” Brad said. “We are only wanting to help churches. So if we can assist and allow a place that may not have the staff to have an event, a catered meal, etc. They can come to our place.”

The Harbor also can allow for a person to lie in-state and viewing if there is a larger family.

As a community event center, The Harbor serves an asset to the community as an event center.

“We have it set up to where we can hold office meetings, banquets, a dance floor that can hold 100 people, an aisle to host weddings, two 86-inch TVs, etc.” Brad said. “We’ve got a kitchenette and it’s truly a caterer’s kitchen. We’ve put a lot of work into it.”

The Harbor can hold 280 people with tables and chairs, without tables or chair, it can hold 600 people. Alcohol is allowed with security.

The Pingels arrived at the name “Harbor” so the center can be a place of “safety and comfort.”

“Her (Suzanne) and I searched for a month coming up with a name,” Brad said. “We wanted something simple, but also have meaning. This is a safe place to host an event and have people gather.”

The Harbor is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for both funerals and events and can be reached at 806-419-7232. The Harbor’s website,, has a number of photos and more information, as well.


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